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This place is rather dangerous for older guys with weak nerves so you better beware! ;) Hope you like my videos and wanted to hit the place full of them, cause this in the biggest one, my own proud. With my CREW I try to put there as much new movies as it only possible, so you shouldn't be afraid, every time you'll come here to meet me, you should see something totally new for you. Prepare on both hardcore and softcore features. Sometimes maybe even something from behind-the-scene. Get some beer, find box of tissues and lock the doors! Let's get this started!

My Movies
Striptease time
It my first striptease video for you, its time to take a look on my slim body and perfect set of big tits
Smoking brake
I don`t get why you fetish guys can like smoking naked women, but here we go. You request I made its so simply. My smoking fetish video, Enjoy it
To be a Klenot cameraman - priceless
If your nerves are weak, if you have a heart problems, please, be careful watching this video! What you will see is simple and short. The story is about one cute babe, with unbelievable soft and round boobs. She makes a cat-walk on a big round table in dining room, completely nude and shameless! For many of you, we are sure that it must be a one of the best teasers of the year!
Klenot in pink, and in nothing then!
For all pink-clothes lovers and for connoisseurs of nudity, you will be both satisfied this time! Cum in and see gorgeous busty Klenot gets naked and naughty of the desk. This babe is always smiled, she probably knows well how valuable her petite tits are ;) Nothings worse than brilliant babe doesnt conscious of her beauty! Klenots fortunately perfectly conscious.